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Veeder Root-Meter Register

7887 Meter Register: Designed for maximum readability – engineered for extra life in fuel deliveries and, fluid flow transactions of all kinds. 1. New crisp, high visibility digital display for optimum readability in all ambient lighting. 2. Latest technology, modern materials give maximum dependability at speeds to 250 rpm of

TWK-Inductive Linear Transducers

Inductive Linear Transducers for engineering and instrumentation. The half-bridge technology for 1 to 360 mm stroke. The wide range of inductive linear transducers includes items with 10, 12 and 25 mm outside diameter and for measuring ranges from 1 to 360 mm. The smaller IW 10 and IW 120 series

Eagle Signal-Max Count

Introducing: The New Max Count  Electronic Preset Timer/Counter. The latest introduction into Eagle Signal’s line of electronic timers and counters is the New Max Count Series is a next-generation electronic preset counter providing the ultimate in flexibility, speed and ease of use. The New Max features a large 8-digit Alpha-Numeric

Keyence-KV 1000 PLC

Features      Fastest in Its Class Performance and User-Friendliness Accelerate Control Installed with “KV-VELOCE”, the engine dedicated for ladder execution “KV-VELOCE”, an engine dedicated for full 32-bit ladder execution, has been newly developed. Dual execution of “KV-VELOCE” and “32-bit RISC CPU” enables a ladder program of 30 k steps

Dynapar-CPL Encoder Couplings

CPL Flexible Shaft Couplings: Maximum mechanical, thermal, and electrical protection for encoder shaft connections Three-beam helical design restricts torque “windup” Clamp attachment. No setscrews to score or pit shafts Full range of models designed to match specific encoders are supplied with shaft size adaptors Application/Industy: CPL Series couplings are carefully

Veeder-Root Counters

Veeder-Root™ offers the broadest selection of rugged and economical electronic, electromechanical and mechanical counters. Veeder products encompass a complete line of Totalizing, preset and predetermining electronic counters as well as diverse process and rate indicators. Veeder-Root™, the best known name in counters, has provided non-stop performance and production monitoring in

Rishabh-Passive Signal Isolator

RISH Ducer TI 816 (Single Channel Passive isolator) Function: The DC signal isolator serves to electrically isolate the analog DC signal in the range from 0(4)-20mA which depending on version is then converted to a current signal 0(4)-20mA or voltage signal 0(2)-10V It does not require a separate power supply,

Energy Tracking-WEPM Energy Meter

Web Enabled Meter: Our Web Enabled Electric Meter (WEM-MX) is an Internet enabled, broadband ready smart electric meter for commercial and industrial applications. It can be deployed as a primary meter, submeter or used for other electric metering applications such as demand reduction. Besides tracking peak demand (kW) and energy

Opkon-Angle Sensors

OPKON’s core product has traditionally been Resistive Linear Position Transducers. These position sensors are commonly applied in plastic injection machinery, textile machines, transfer and hydraulic, metal forming machines and general automation applications. In the recent years, OPKON has started production of rotary magnetic encoders and linear magnetic incremental sensors, and

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