Tiefenbach Magnet Switches

Tiefenbach – Extra Heavy Duty Magnet Switches, for Industrial, Mining & Off-shore industries, available in Weatherproof or Intrinsic Safe applications, in Monostable or Bistable. Magnetic switch monostable: Type: wK177L11..weather proof iK177L11… for intrinsically safe equipment Magnetic switch bistable: Type: wK177L21..weather proof iK177L21… for intrinsically safe equipment Contact less activation by permanent magnets Maintenance-free High switching […]

Latest Catalog – ElectroCam

Electro Cam Corp. designs and produces a full line of Programmable Limit Switches, Electronic Cam Switches, encoders, resolvers and accessories for increased productivity in a variety of position sensing and control applications. Outputs in standard PLµS controllers turn ON/OFF based on resolver position, regardless of the direction the resolver is turning. The “-D” Option allows […]