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Sensor’s and Controls peripheral’s specialist, based in the Adelaide CBD. Dealing in mechanical, electromechanical and electronic equipment dealing with count, rate, time, position, flow, power monitoring and encoders products. We are the Veeder-Root, Eagle Signal, Line Seiki, Greystone Energy and Dynapar authorized distributors in Australia. Just to name a few.

Veeder Root-Meter Register

7887 Meter Register: Designed for maximum readability – engineered for extra life in fuel deliveries and, fluid flow transactions of all kinds. 1. New crisp, high visibility digital display for optimum readability in all ambient lighting. 2. Latest technology, modern materials give maximum dependability at speeds to 250 rpm of

TC-003 Analog to Pulse Temperature Tramsmitter

  Hockey Puck Style: The TC-003 Digital RTD Temperature Transmitter is a unique device designed to transmit the temperature measured by a PT100 RTD sensor to a PLC digital input. Although it requires only one normal digital 24VDC input on the PLC, it provides an accurate temperature measurement for use

Tiefenbach Magnet Switches

Tiefenbach – Extra Heavy Duty Magnet Switches, for Industrial, Mining & Off-shore industries, available in Weatherproof or Intrinsic Safe applications, in Monostable or Bistable. Magnetic switch monostable: Type: proof iK177L11… for intrinsically safe equipment Magnetic switch bistable: Type: proof iK177L21… for intrinsically safe equipment Contact less activation by

Latest Catalog – ElectroCam

Electro Cam Corp. designs and produces a full line of Programmable Limit Switches, Electronic Cam Switches, encoders, resolvers and accessories for increased productivity in a variety of position sensing and control applications. Outputs in standard PLµS controllers turn ON/OFF based on resolver position, regardless of the direction the resolver is

TWK-Inductive Linear Transducers

Inductive Linear Transducers for engineering and instrumentation. The half-bridge technology for 1 to 360 mm stroke. The wide range of inductive linear transducers includes items with 10, 12 and 25 mm outside diameter and for measuring ranges from 1 to 360 mm. The smaller IW 10 and IW 120 series

Eagle Signal-Max Count

Introducing: The New Max Count  Electronic Preset Timer/Counter. The latest introduction into Eagle Signal’s line of electronic timers and counters is the New Max Count Series is a next-generation electronic preset counter providing the ultimate in flexibility, speed and ease of use. The New Max features a large 8-digit Alpha-Numeric

ATS Series with Digital Display Setpoint

  ATS Series AC Current Sensors combine a current operated switch and transducer into a single package. The FL model features a digital display that gives visual indication of the setpoint for greater accuracy. The sensor provides a solid- state contact which will change state when the current exceeds an

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