Downloadable Product Data

See below for a selection of PDFs offering additional details and information regarding a variety of Veeder-Root products, including their specifications, installation and maintenance instructions, and other points of general interest.

Product Data Sheets:


Series 1127, 1128, 1129 Mechanical Totalizing Counters

1129 Large Figure Counter1133, 1134 High Speed Counter

1205 Series Counters

1239 High Speed Counter

Series 1259, 1260, 1261, 1262 General Purpose Counters

1490 Vary Tally Counter

1667, 1669 Visicounter

Series 1771, 1955 Veedometer Counter

Series 1777, 1779, 1781, 1956, 1957, 1958 Mini Counter

1953 Viscounter

7030 Pneumatic Counter

7268 High Speed Counter

7272, 7287 Small Reset Counter

7282 Service Meter

7283 High Speed Counter

7298 High Speed Counter

7428, 7430 Medium Sized Counter

7434 Worm Drive

Series 7437, 7438 Totalizers

7441 Electric Preset Counter

Series 7443 Totalizers

7458-7461 Small Square Case Counters

7495 Small Nonreset Electric Totalizer

7623 Hand Tally

Series 7790, 7791 Counters

7910 Programmable Counter

7999F8-302 MicroMITE Electronic Totalizing Counter

7999 Mite Electronic Totalizing Counter

799984-322 MicroMITE Electronic Totalizing Counter

79986-302/402 MicroMITE Electronic Totalizing Counter

A103 Option Modules 

A103 Preset Counter

A103 Totalizing Counters

A103 Programmable Rate Meter

A103 Rate Meter and Totalizer

A103 Tachometer

C342 Totalizing Counter

C342 Tachometer

C346 LCD and LED Electronic Predetermining Counters

C628 Position Indicator

C628 Preset and Batch Counters

C628 AWESOME Rate Meter

C628 AWESOME Display Totalizer

DZ100 Miniflex

MAXjr Count 1 Electronic Totalizing Counters

MAXjr Count 2-3 Electronic Totalizing Counters

MAXjr Tach 1 and 2 

Measuring Wheels

PM21S Line Receiver and Supply

PM28S Input Amplifier

PM31 Relay Module

PM41S Power Supply Module

616168-002 Power Supply and Other Accessories

SQUIRE Full Featured Electronic Predetermining Counter

V4545 Datasheet


7795 Hourmeters

Series EHM Electronic Hour Meter

Process  Indicators:

7999F3-003/004 MicroMITE Process Indicator

Flex DCI Process Indicator

Flex DCV Process Indicator

Flex LPI Process Indicator

S428A 1/8 DIN Process Indicator with Alarm

S628 AWESOME AC Volts/Amps Process Indicator

S628 DC Process

S628 AWESOME DC Volts/Amps Process Indicator

S628 Temp. Indicator

SimTach A

SimTach D


Product Instruction Manuals:


Series 1239, 1378, 1876 Predetermining Counters

616476-001 Power Supply Accessory

Series 7143 Magnetic Sensors

7858 Low Profile Remote Electromechanical Totalizers

7910 Predetermining Counter Option Programming

7910 Predetermining Counter Manual

79998D MITE Option Modules Manual

7999F3-001/002 MicroMITE Digital Panel Meters

7999F3-003/004 MicroMITE Digital Panel Meters

7999F8-302 Totalizing Counter

799984-322/323 Miniature 4 Digit Totalizing Counter

799986-302 LCD Counter

A103 Option Modules Manual

A103-000 Totalizer

A103-001 Add/Subtract Totalizer

A103-002 Totalizer/Position Indicator

A103-003 Tachometer

A103-004 Programmable Rate Meter

A103-005 Totalizer/Rate Meter

A103-007 Preset Counter

A103-009 Totalizer/Ratemeter with Pulsed Output

C342 Battery Powered LCD Display High Voltage Input Manual

C342 Battery Powered LCD Display Manual

C342 DC Power LCD Display Manual

C342 DC Power LED Display Manual

C346 Preset Counter, Rate Meter, Time Counter

C628-1 Totalizer

C628-2 Position Indicator

C628-4 Rate Meter

C628-5 Rate Meter with Total

C628-6 Elapsed Timer

C628-7 Single Preset Counter

C628-8 Dual Preset Counter

C628-9 Batch Counter

HT50 Hand Tachometer

HT100 Hand Tachometer

HZ170 CYCL-FLEX Counter

MAXjr Tach Manual

MAXjr Count1 Manual

MAXjr Count 2-3 Manual

Squire Dual Preset Counter

Squire Preset Batching Counter

Squire Preset Item Counter

Squire Single Preset Counter

V454501 Single Preset Counter

V454502 Dual Preset Counter

V454503 Manual

Process Indicators:

S428A 1/8 DIN Indicator Consice Manual

S428A 1/8 DIN Process Indicator with Alarm

S628 Calibration Instructions

S628-1 Temperature Indicator

S628-2 DC Process

S628-3 AC Volts/Amps

S628-5 DC Volts/Amps

S628-6 Strain Gauge

SimTach A

SimTach Process Volts/Current Meters

SimTach Volts/Amps Meters

SimTach D1