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TCS-“Miracle Meter” Model 682

The “Miracle Meter” as the reciprocating piston flow meter was once called, was originally designed by Tokheim Corporation over 75 years ago. The flow meter was created to solve the inaccurate measurement of service station deliveries in the nineteen thirties. Since the creation of the three piston flow meter, industry leaders have often relied on the 898 dispenser and its industrial 682 model flow meter for the most precise record of accuracy.

Over the years, the reciprocating piston flow meter has had numerous housing styles to suit various industry applications. Since purchasing the rights to the Piston flow meter from Tokheim Corporation in 1995, Total Control Systems has made significant design changes to improve the flow meters performance and make it smaller, lighter and more reliable for industrial applications.

The 682 piston meter is still the only “true” positive displacement flow meter available in the industry.  With proven history of performance and reliability, the 682 piston flow meter can still carry the label of the “Miracle Meter”.

The 682 series piston flow meter is a true positive displacement flow meter that has an inline design consisting of three (3) reciprocating pistons operating within their respective measuring chambers, where each piston works in a manner similar to an automobile engine.  The pistons are fitted to a wobble plate, which has a shaft extending from its upper surface and a valve pivot attached beneath it.  The valve pivot drives a sliding valve from piston to piston as a known amount of product flows through each cylinder bore, controlling the sequence of events in a smooth mechanical motion.

Superior Accuracy over the entire flow range
Low Maintenance
Long Service Life
75 years of proven performance and acceptance
Wide Viscosity Range – up to 50,000 SSU (11,000 CPS)
Meets NIST, OIML, ATEX, NMI, S.WA, SABS and many other international weights & measures certifications

Design:                      Reciprocating Three (3) Piston
Size:                           1-1/2″ Flange Connection
Type:                          SP, SPA, SPD, AF & SS
Flow Range:             0.2 to 50 GPM (0.76 to 190 LPM)
Linear Accuracy:      Capable of +/- 0.1% over flow range
Repeatability:           0.01% over 250:1 turndown
Pressure:                 150 PSI (10.5 BAR)
Temperature:           – 40 to 160°F (- 40 to 71°C)
Material:                     Aluminum, Ductile Iron & Stainless Steel
Seals:                        Viton®, Teflon® & Simriz®

NEW: Now the 682 in 304 Stainless Steel:

Total Control Systems is pleased to introduce an economical 304 stainless steel construction for our 682 piston  flow meters to maintain the high purity required for the handling of DEF.  As one of the ONLY flow meters available today to meet the custody transfer requirements of DEF measurement, we look forward to help drive solutions for cleaner air.

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GLFS-1 Series – Liquid Flow Switch

The Liquid Flow Switch is suitable for flow monitoring and control of water and normal media in industrial plants, heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. Enclosed in a water-proof IP65 enclosure, it includes an adjustable stainless steel paddle sizes for pipes up to 203.2mm (8”) in diameter. The switch is suitable for liquid temperatures up to 120°C (248°F) and a maximum working pressure of up to 13.5 Bar (195.8 PSI).

Typical Installation:

The flow switch can be installed in any position,
as far from elbows or obstructions as possible with the arrow pointing in the direction of the flow. If the pipe is vertical, recalibrate the range to balance the paddle weight.

GLFS-1: Data Sheet-PDF

GLFS-1: Installation Sheet-PDF

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Veeder Root-Meter Register

7887 Meter Register:
Designed for maximum readability – engineered for extra life in fuel deliveries and, fluid flow transactions of all kinds.
1. New crisp, high visibility digital display for optimum readability in all ambient lighting.
2. Latest technology, modern materials give maximum dependability at speeds to 250 rpm of right wheel.
3. Positive action knob reset.
4. Built-in precision totalizer accumulates up to 99,999,999 units.
5. Acetal resin components for smooth operation and extra long life.
6. Fits all popular flow meters.

The Meter Register is the outstanding choice for recording and displaying delivery data in a wide variety of industries. In the petroleum refining and distribution field, it is used from the well to pipelines and storage centers, then to gasoline and fuel oil delivery trucks. In the chemical processing field, it can be used for displaying totals during mixing and batching operations.

The 7887 Meter Register totalizes and displays high speed deliveries and transactions in large easy-to-read figures. Ideal for increased efficiency in all kinds of liquid inventory and delivery operations. Utilizing a geared drive available in a wide selection of ratios, the Meter Register records in practically any unit of liquid measure – gallons, liters, barrels, etc. – as well as non-liquid units.

Special optional adaptors are available to mate the Meter Register with all standard meters and pumps. It also easily combines with Veeder-Root Meter Preset and Printer to form a complete count, control and print system.

Finished in corrosion resistant epoxy, the sturdy housing protects the Meter Register in demanding environments and extremes in weather.

Example: Veeder-Root 7887 Meter Register & 7889 Preset fitted to TCS-700 Series Flowmeter.

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Greystone Energy – Air Flow/Temperature Tx.

Air Flow Transducer

ESF is an airflow transducer with a broad application area. It can be used
for control, surveillance, and regulation of the flow rate in fresh-air
and ventilation systems, etc.


  •     Converts airspeed into a 4 – 20mA or a 0 – 10 VDC signal
  •     Linear output signal
  •     Fully electronic registration of airflow
  •     AC or DC voltage supply
  •     Compensates for changes of air temperature
  •     Telescopic sensor facilitates installation
  •     Temperature output signal 0 – 10 VDC
  •     Fuse Protected
  •     Made with corrosion resistant material


The ESF-35-2 airflow transducer can be used in a wide range of applications such as:

  •     Measurements of airflow speed via PLC/outstation/EMS
  •     Regulation of airflow speed
  •     Monitoring of airflow speed

The airflow transducer ESF-35-2 is installed in such a way that the current
of air passes through the gap of the sensor head. Conductors to and
from the transducer should be kept isolated from high-power conductors
where powerful transient voltage spikes may appear.

The ESF-35-2 transducer registers the airflow speed according to a thermal
principle based on the fact that the cooling action of air increases
with airspeed. The action is measured and converted to a 4 – 20mA or a 0
– 10 V signal corresponding to airflow speeds from 0 – 8 m/s (0 – 1575
ft/min) or 0 – 16 m/s (0 – 3150 ft/min).

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