Model  RT1000, Electronic Hubodometer. One Model For Any Tire Ever Made… Or Ever Will Be Made! Truck-Axle Tough with Digital-Data Accurate. The Rite-Trak gives you all of the benefits that matter…

Here are just a few:

  • Drop your Inventory
  • Replace your bloated inventory with just one standard unit to handle
  • all of your tire sizes.
  • Digital electronic circuitry allows rapid and easy configuration anywhere, without need for a specialized programming instrument. You can count on its single, standard model for a perfect match to virtually any tire size.

Error Free Display:

  • Large, high-contrast display always remains in upright position providing easy, reliable and highly accurate data collection.

Extended Record Keeping:

  • Separate Trip and Lifetime totals permit specialized record keeping methods.
  • Rite-Trak’s setup features include capturing distance data as miles or kilometers.

Secure, Reliable Operation:

  • 5-Year Warranty – no mileage limitation.
  • Security features include serial number viewing via the display as well as tamperproof setup scheme.
  • Only one moving part for increased reliability.
  • “Fuse” lockout feature. Changes to the unit’s set-up can be perminatly disabled to prevent tampering.
  • May be preset to any starting value.

Still available the Original Model: 7777 mechanical Hudodometer.





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