Veeder-Root Counters

Veeder-Root™ offers the broadest selection of rugged and economical electronic, electromechanical and mechanical counters. For over 120 years, Veeder-Root has supplied mechanical, electromechanical and electronic event timers and counters to satisfy a full range of application and control requirements. Recognized for innovative designs, quality, durability and accuracy, Veeder-Root brand products continue to be the first choice of design and manufacturing engineers.

Veeder-Root™ counters and indicators come in a variety of types, sizes and accessory options. Consider just a few of the following of our commercial and industrial counter varieties: Electronic Counters – Mechanical Counters – Electric Counters.

Electric Counters:
Durable, simple to use and install, Veeder Root brand electro-mechanical counters are equipped with knob/button set that requires no programming, has simple two wire connection capability, provides low to moderate duty cycle in industrial count applications, and is tolerant of EMI power fluctuations.

Electronic Counters Totalizing:
Totalizers are counters that sum the “total” number of cycles applied to their input. The totalizing function (Add/Subtract, Bidirectional) does not provide control outputs or pre-set limits, although individual products may also have these features. Our economical Veeder-Root and Dynapar brand totalizing electronic counters are rugged, compact, and provide high accuracy and fast reset times. Models with LCD displays are suited for brightly lit environments whereby models with LED displays are suited for low-light environments.

Electronic / Preset / Predetermined:
Our rugged and compact Veeder-Root, Dynapar and Eagle-Signal brand electronic counters are the first choice for economy, accuracy, and fast resetability. Our wide variety of totalizers (Totalizing, Preset/Predetermining, Batch Count, Programmable Setpoint Controls and Alarms) can control an external circuit when its counted total matches a user-entered preset limit.

Time Counters (Hourmeters):
Full range of electronic and electromechanical timers that provide rugged and reliable control of your application. From run time, prest timers, reset timer, production and process time applications. Also available are Minute meters and second meters, with round or rectangular cutouts. Inputs from xontact input to low voltage DC, and wide range AC/DC inputs.

Rate Indicators:
Rate Indicators are accurate and versatile, our industrial-duty rate indicators (Speed/Rate, Draw, and Multifunction) provide a digital display of a process by displaying the input of a sensor representing rate or speed. Many rate indicators also function as counters. Multifunction devices can be programmed for either rate, draw (difference, ratio, % difference), or flow input.

Mechanical Counters:
Mechanical Totalizing & Mechanical Predetermining:
Rugged, flexible, easy to install Veeder-Root brand, decade wheel driven mechanical counters are highly reliable requiring no wiring, power or input sensors. They are maintenance-free and available in many mount styles designed to never lose count.

Process Indicators:
Process indicators and controls are used for display and/or control of process variables in applications that use analog signals representing pressure, temperature, weight, etc. Choose from a wide variety of Dynapar and Veeder-Root brand DC Volt meters, DC Current Meters, Process Volt Meters, and Current Loop Indicators.

Multi-Function Indicators / Controllers:
Multi-function indicators / controllers are combinations of totalizer, predetermining, counter, and rate measurement techniques. They often do the job of several instruments, saving time, money, and panel space, while reducing installation complexity. Ideal for applications that require multi-step sequential operations like count/time.

Key Veeder-Root™ Advantages:
Production Record Shifts / Orders
Automation (e.g. Elimination Of Human Factor)
Scrap Reduction and Production Defect Monitoring
Determine Yield Converting
Insure Correct Quantity – Package Contents

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