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As a family owned and operated company since 1950, Murray Equipment, Inc. has developed into one of the premier supplier and manufacturing companies of industrial, petroleum and agricultural fluid handling systems.  In 1995, the company expanded its line of company manufactured products by creating a division named Total Control Systems, whose sole purpose and commitment was to develop and manufacture precision positive displacement flow meters to help our customers achieve their goals and meet the changing fluid handling needs in the marketplace.

Our reputation for providing innovative, quality and reliable fluid handling products is coupled with our sense of customer driven services.  Our first priority is to help our customers achieve increased productivity and provide value to your business today and tomorrow.

All of Total Control Systems metering products are manufactured in the United States of America.  We market and support our products through a global network of Distribution that specialize in fluid measuring systems.

While the best meter technology depends on the system characteristics, Total Control Systems positive displacement flow meters and components selection criteria will vary based on the following specifications:  liquid compatibility, flow rate, viscosity, temperature, pressure, suspensions, solids and the pumping technology.

682 Piston Flow Meter:
The 682 series piston flow meter is a true positive displacement flow meter that has an inline design consisting of three (3) reciprocating pistons operating within their respective measuring chambers, where each piston works in a manner similar to an automobile engine.  The pistons are fitted to a wobble plate, which has a shaft extending from its upper surface and a valve pivot attached beneath it.  The valve pivot drives a sliding valve from piston to piston as a known amount of product flows through each cylinder bore, controlling the sequence of events in a smooth mechanical motion.


  • Superior Accuracy over the entire flow range
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Service Life
  • 75 years of proven performance and acceptance
  • Wide Viscosity Range – up to 50,000 SSU (11,000 CPS)
  • Meets NIST, OIML, ATEX, NMI, S.WA, SABS and many other international weights & measures certifications

The 682 series reciprocating piston flow meter combines outstanding accuracy (+/- 0.1%) with an exceptional turndown ratio of 250:1. Over 75 years of proven reliability and remarkable accuracy!

700 Rotary Flow Meter:
The 700 series rotary flow meter has a simple and efficient meter design consisting of a housing and three rotors that rotate in unison within the measuring chamber. The absence of wear, from no metal-to-metal contact inside the chamber, eliminates any deterioration in accuracy and provides a long service life. The rotors are supported by bearings inserted into two bearing plates, where at the end of each rotor shaft is a timing gear. The timed rotation between each rotor is then transferred through the calibration adjuster to the register, which will then give a consistent and superior measurement of accuracy.


  • No metal-to-metal contact within the measuring chamber
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Service Life
  • Light and Compact Design
  • Bi-directional Flow Direction
  • Wide Viscosity Range – up to 1,500,00 SSU (325,000 CPS)
  • Meets NIST, OIML, ATEX, NMI, S.WA, SABS and many other international weights & measures

The 700 series rotary flow meter has no metal-to-metal contact, provides superior accuracy with low pressure drop, low maintenance and a long service life.

NEW:  304 stainless steel construction for our 682 piston and 700 rotary flow meters:

Total Control Systems is pleased to introduce an economical 304 stainless steel construction for our 682 piston and 700 rotary flow meters to maintain the high purity required for the handling of DEF.  As one of the ONLY flow meters available today to meet the custody transfer requirements of DEF measurement, we look forward to help drive solutions for cleaner air.

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