Downloadable Literature

Please see below for a number of product support manuals and other informational literature pertaining to the Eagle Signal family of products. If you’re looking for information for a specific product or would like to make a special request, please call customer service.

VersaCount ApplicationsVersaCount Applications



VersaCount BrochureVersaCount Brochure



VersaCount  ComparisonVersaCount Competitor Comparison



VersaCount Features and BenefitsVersaCount Features and Benefits



Flex DatasheetFlex Datasheet



Flex Mini DatasheetFlex Mini Datasheet



Counter-Timer Line BrochureCounter-Timer - Line Brochure



Counter-Timer Full Line Catalog  Counter-Timer Full Line Catalog  




Factory Automation CapabilityFactory Automation Capability




Hubodometer Application Guidecover hubo

C628 Sales Sheet C628 Sales Sheet  




C346 / C342 Sales SheetC346 / C342 Sales Sheet




VersaCount DatasheetVersaCount Sales Sheet




Veeder-Root Flex BrochureVeeder-Root Flex Brochure





VersaCount Sales Sheet VersaCount Sales Sheet