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Latest Catalog – ElectroCam

Electro Cam Corp. designs and produces a full line of Programmable Limit Switches, Electronic Cam Switches, encoders, resolvers and accessories for increased productivity in a variety of position sensing and control applications. Outputs in standard PLµS controllers turn ON/OFF based on resolver position, regardless of the direction the resolver is turning. The “-D” Option allows […]

Opkon-Wire Draw Position Potentiometers & Encoders.

Draw Wire Potentiometer: ● Potentiometric, voltage divider ● Easy mounting ● High protection degree Main Applications: Offers easy mounting and quick solution for linear transducers Hydraulic transducers Cranes Medical applications General automation applications Measurement type Resistive Linearity 0,5%, 0,1% or 0,05% Measurement stroke – 800mm, 1800mm Output signal type Voltage divider Output signal Analogue voltage […]