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TCS-“Miracle Meter” Model 682

The “Miracle Meter” as the reciprocating piston flow meter was once called, was originally designed by Tokheim Corporation over 75 years ago. The flow meter was created to solve the inaccurate measurement of service station deliveries in the nineteen thirties. Since the creation of the three piston flow meter, industry leaders have often relied on the 898 dispenser and its industrial 682 model flow meter for the most precise record of accuracy.

Over the years, the reciprocating piston flow meter has had numerous housing styles to suit various industry applications. Since purchasing the rights to the Piston flow meter from Tokheim Corporation in 1995, Total Control Systems has made significant design changes to improve the flow meters performance and make it smaller, lighter and more reliable for industrial applications.

The 682 piston meter is still the only “true” positive displacement flow meter available in the industry.  With proven history of performance and reliability, the 682 piston flow meter can still carry the label of the “Miracle Meter”.

The 682 series piston flow meter is a true positive displacement flow meter that has an inline design consisting of three (3) reciprocating pistons operating within their respective measuring chambers, where each piston works in a manner similar to an automobile engine.  The pistons are fitted to a wobble plate, which has a shaft extending from its upper surface and a valve pivot attached beneath it.  The valve pivot drives a sliding valve from piston to piston as a known amount of product flows through each cylinder bore, controlling the sequence of events in a smooth mechanical motion.

Superior Accuracy over the entire flow range
Low Maintenance
Long Service Life
75 years of proven performance and acceptance
Wide Viscosity Range – up to 50,000 SSU (11,000 CPS)
Meets NIST, OIML, ATEX, NMI, S.WA, SABS and many other international weights & measures certifications

Design:                      Reciprocating Three (3) Piston
Size:                           1-1/2″ Flange Connection
Type:                          SP, SPA, SPD, AF & SS
Flow Range:             0.2 to 50 GPM (0.76 to 190 LPM)
Linear Accuracy:      Capable of +/- 0.1% over flow range
Repeatability:           0.01% over 250:1 turndown
Pressure:                 150 PSI (10.5 BAR)
Temperature:           – 40 to 160°F (- 40 to 71°C)
Material:                     Aluminum, Ductile Iron & Stainless Steel
Seals:                        Viton®, Teflon® & Simriz®

NEW: Now the 682 in 304 Stainless Steel:

Total Control Systems is pleased to introduce an economical 304 stainless steel construction for our 682 piston  flow meters to maintain the high purity required for the handling of DEF.  As one of the ONLY flow meters available today to meet the custody transfer requirements of DEF measurement, we look forward to help drive solutions for cleaner air.

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OPKON – Linear & Rotary Potentiometer

OPKON Optic Electronic Ltd. established in 1993 in Istanbul / Turkey by Electronic Engineer Mustafa Kenan Ozeren.

Company philosophy is developing, designing and manufacturing electronic sensors and devices, with European quality, and distribute all over the world.
OPKON Ltd. has all R&D and manufacturing facilities in Istanbul, which has 2500 sq meter production area, 60 technicians and engineers with many years experience. Company is certified with ISO 9001-2008 – ISO 10002-2004

OPKON Production Portfolio :
– Linear Potentiometer
– Standard Series
– Electronic Conditioner Curcuit ( 0-10V,0-20mA,4-20mA) Series
– Slim Body Series
– Ultra Slim Body Series
– Draw Wire Potentiometer
– Contactless Magnetostrictive Position Sensor
– Optic Rotary Incremental Encoder
– Magnetic Rotary Incremental / Absolute Encoder
– Draw Wire Encoder
– Voltage Output, Absolute Encoder
– Magnetic Reader Head, Magnetic Tape
– Press Brake Scale
– Panel Type Measurement And Control Equipment

OPKON production portfolio covers very wide range of industry, such as;
– Plastic / Metal Injection Moulding
– Textile
– Marble / Stone
– Packaging
– Printing
– Wood Processing
– Press Brakes
– Roll Bending
– Metal Cutting / Forming
– Elevator
– Profile and Metal Processing
– Cranes / Lift
– Hydraulic Press
– Medical
– General Automation Applications

OPKON has sales network in 6 continents with 28 countries official distributors.

Company exports to Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherland, Greece, Bulgaria and other European community countries, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Middle east countries, India, China, Korea, Taiwan, Australia and others.

General 2021 Opkon Catalogue – Linear

General 2021 Opkon Catalogue – Rotary

OPKON Models – kOhm Resistance Chart



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NEW – Clean Room Monitor – Series CR3

clean room monitor

What is a Clean Room Monitor ?

A Clean Room Monitor, monitors a confined space, such as pharmaceutical labs and hospital isolation units, where provisions are made to reduce the particulate contamination and control environmental parameters like humidity, temperature and pressure within specifed limits to achieve a controlled environment for sensitive processes. Generally, the environment is controlled through the controls of an HVAC system, however due to the sensitive nature of cleanroom activities, facility management teams are seeking a solution that enables them to monitor these spaces not only within the space but also remotely.


The CR3 Series Clean Room Monitor, was developed specifically to allow for monitoring of confined spaces with accuracy and reliability. The CR3 allows for either in-room or remote monitoring with three different models; integrated sensors, remote sensors or display only to suit a variety of installation needs. It features a flush fitting stainless-steel front plate that enables the user to wipe-down the unit when necessary.

The CR3 allows for more effcient measurement of three critical parameters; humidity, temperature and pressure, in one flush mount enclosure. It is equipped with sensors with best in class accuracies to match cleanroom requirements, and can communicate with the building automation system via Modbus, BACnet® or Analog outputs. It is powered by a standard 24 Vdc or 24 Vac power supply.

The CR3 features a visual display for each parameter with bright, easy-to-read LED’s, which enable users to view from long distances. Each parameter includes an alarm function with programmable setpoints for different application types, and provides both high and low alarm visual indication.


The CR3 is CE and RoHS compliant.

Clean Room Monitor Features:

• Humidity, Temperature & Pressure
• BACnet®, Modbus or Analog Outputs
• In-room or Remote Monitoring
• Individual alarms for ALL parameters
• Large Easy-To-Read Display


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For more information of Industrial Sensors refer to SENSIT


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Dynapar OnSite™ Condition Monitoring System-Reinvented

The Dynapar OnSiteTM Condition Monitoring System Delivers Feature-Rich Performance

The Dynapar OnSiteTM Condition Monitoring System is changing what it means to track machine health. Designed to deploy in minutes, the Four/Five-sensor device combines affordable, remote 24/7 condition monitoring with cloud-based analytic software for multi- stakeholder access. Today’s lean market puts ever greater emphasis on maximising uptime. Savvy plant managers, reliability engineers, and maintenance managers understand the importance of condition monitoring to achieving this goal. Unfortunately, previous market solutions have always been too expensive, complex, or time-consuming to install on any but the most high-value pieces of equipment. Dynapar developed the “OnSite System” specifically to address these limitations.

“Democratising condition monitoring” – making this powerful tool accessible to end users and third-party predictive maintenance providers. Customers asked for a practical solution to monitor their critical assets, their bad actors, and their hard-to-reach equipment. The OnSite System puts powerful insights at their fingertips.


The Dynapar OnSiteTM Condition Monitoring System combines ease-of-use with sophisticated functionality in a surprisingly economical solution. It features Four/Five sensors that each measure vibration along three axes, plus temperature and Speed. It can also connect to an encoder, integrating speed to enhance analytics and troubleshooting. The wireless OnSite System enables organisations to monitor virtually any asset of interest, not just high-value ones like turbines. After all, not every asset is a turbine. Even a simple cooling fan can be a critical asset, if its failure also takes down an entire production line. The OnSite System finally makes it practical to monitor as many assets as necessary (fans, pumps, gear boxes, etc).

Because the hub is designed for rapid installation, it is just as effective to deploy temporarily, to monitor a troubled asset in the run-up to a scheduled maintenance shutdown, as it is to install permanently. In just minutes, any stakeholder in the organisation, or third-party service provider can be analysing real-time data from the equipment. And they can do it from any location, be that across the plant or across the world. They simply log into the password- protected web app using their computer, tablet, or smart phone. In the event the asset begins to exhibit abnormal behaviour, users will receive email alerts, thanks to a customisable alarming function. In this way, manufacturers can catch problems before they lead to downtime.

Hardware is only one part of the value proposition. The Dynapar OnSiteTM Analytics web app is designed to be sophisticated enough to support the needs of licensed vibration technicians but easy enough for use by a novice machine operator. Its capabilities range from simple configurable dashboards and alarms to advanced diagnostic tools like FFTs and waterfall plots. Leveraging existing wireless or cellular networks, the system incorporates robust security and operates with existing firewalls, making it appealing to IT departments.

The OnSite System is already established in multiple production environments. Installations include paper processing, converting, steel manufacturing, and more. “In less than three months, our early adopters have already realised their return on investment. “The OnSite System has helped prevent line stoppages and avoid unscheduled maintenance.”

Dynapar OnSite Sensor Hub

The hardware consists of a central hub that aggregates data from four separate wired sensors. Each of these incorporates a triaxial accelerometer and a temperature sensor which enable it to collect integrated vibration and temperature data, plus speed/position data (with optional encoder input). A built-in wireless interface enables the hub to connect to existing Wi-Fi networks. Alternatively, it can connect to cellular networks via an optional router. The hub then sends the data to the cloud using a secure REST API. This eliminates the need to link the unit to the plant’s control system.

Vibration Frequency Range: 0-1000Hz with low-pass anti-aliasing and digital filter

  • F-Max: 2000 Hz
  • Frequency Accuracy: +/- 1 Hz
  • Measurement Range (acceleration): +/- 8G Programmable
  • Programmable high-pass filters
  • Minimum readout intervals: 30 s
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +105°C
  • IP Rated: IP65 (hub) / IP68 (sensor)
  • Wireless Range: 250 m


Dynapar OnSiteTM Analytics

The OnSite Condition Monitoring System includes OnSite Analytics, a custom-built portal designed to make it possible to harvest insights in minutes rather than weeks. Customisable alarming functions enable even novice users to act ahead of a breakdown.

Built-in tools include:

  • Raw data presented as a full-time waveform
  • FFT plots for spectral analysis
  • Waterfall plots to view evolution of features over time
  • Harmonic cursors to investigate specific parameters at any point on a curve
  • RMS trendlines
  • Persistent data storage for comparison over minutes, to months, to years

Passwords are encrypted and hashed, and no modifications need to be made to existing IT firewalls. OnSite Analytics enables client devices to access data and analytic tools just by signing into a web portal. “There is no need to download an application in order to use the system.”


With the OnSite Condition Monitoring System, productivity is no longer hostage to issues like bearing defects, lubrication breakdown, or undersized gearboxes. Now, third-party consultants, service providers, and maintenance technicians can confirm the health of assets on a moment by moment basis. They can replace “milk runs” with strategic route- based monitoring. They can plan their maintenance schedules with confidence, secure in the knowledge that any issues will be discovered well before they shut down the line or cause catastrophic failure.

“OnSiteTM Analytics are helping clients to transition from a reactive mindset to a much more proactive one.” This also is enabling third-party reliability service providers to offer 24/7 condition monitoring as a service.

With the OnSite Condition Monitoring System, we are transforming the traditional way of working. We call it condition monitoring, “reinvented.”

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