Goods Return Policy

Goods returned to Veederline will be accepted for credit only if prior authority to return the goods has been given in writing by an authorized Veederline representative, and the goods, other than for repair only, are of current specification, in salable condition, and in original packing.

Goods being returned for Repair/Replacement under warranty are required to be accompanied by an authorized Veederline “Goods Return Authority” (GRA).

Goods being returned for credit are required to be accompanied by an authorized Veederline “Goods Return Authority” (GRA). The goods being returned for credit will not attract a re-stocking fee if the GRA is accompanied by a customer purchase order for the goods that are required in place of the goods to be credited.

Goods being returned for credit (other than warranty claim) will attract a re-stocking fee of 20% of the original purchase price when no replacement goods are required, and the goods were supplied in good faith in accordance with a customer purchase order.

Goods supplied to customer’s specifications where manufacturing has been required may not be returned under any circumstances unless it is deemed the manufacturer has failed to meet with the customer’s initial specifications.

A credit cannot be issued for goods returned for any reason related to suitability of application where Veederline gave no specific recommendation and the goods have been used.

Freight costs for goods returned are to the customers account unless, in specific circumstances, Veederline agrees to meet those costs.

The “Goods Return Authority: (GRA) authorizes the return of goods to Veederline. Goods must be received by us within thirty (30) days of the GRA issue date. The decision regarding the extent of any credit will only made after we have inspected the goods and their condition determined.

Other than warranty, we cannot accept returns after thirty days from date of purchase.

If goods are returned to us and are determined not to be re-salable, we will contact the customer for disposal instructions.

Veederline, as a component supplier only, is not bound by any obligation to incur any labour or down time costs involved in the removal and re-fitting of any item deemed faulty at time of supply.

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