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Dynapar-CPL Encoder Couplings

CPL Flexible Shaft Couplings:

  • Maximum mechanical, thermal, and electrical protection for
  • encoder shaft connections
  • Three-beam helical design restricts torque “windup”
  • Clamp attachment. No setscrews to score or pit shafts
  • Full range of models designed to match specific encoders are
  • supplied with shaft size adaptors

CPL Series couplings are carefully matched to the requirements of our encoders and are an excellent, low cost way to protect your investment and avoid equipment downtime.

The method of coupling rotational input to an encoder is an important consideration. Excessive shaft loading and poor environmental
isolation are the leading causes of encoder failure and operational errors.

Even the most carefully designed machinery will produce shaft forces due to inherent thrusts, and eccentricities. Since encoder shafts and bearings must be engineered to have very restricted axial and radial play, using a Dynapar brand CPL Series coupling affords maximum protection against these common hazards.

A unique 3-beam design divides the coupling’s helix into three segments.
This feature maintains transfer accuracy by restricting windup during torque, yet retains full protective flexibility. In addition to controlling mechanical shaft and bearing loads, the coupling further protects the encoder by providing a high degree of electrical and thermal isolation between coupled shafts. This is accomplished with a phenolic insulator-insert that blocks passage of potentially damaging heat, electrical currents and static charges.

Each CPL Series coupling is supplied with two insulator-inserts (three for metric models) that allow it to fit standard shaft diameters (see Models table, Secondary Bore). Attachment at both ends is via integral 360° clamps that firmly grip the encoder shaft and input shaft, remaining slip-free to the rated
torque of the coupling.

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AECO-Capacitive Level

Capacitive level sensor for bulk products   SC and SCD series:

These are used where it is necessary to control with a high degree of security the level of non conductive substances both liquid and solid.

They are particularly used for controlling the level in silos for cereals and foodstuffs, in feed plants, foundries and cement works.

They function in the vicinity of the material to be controlled:

  • Supply voltage 24 Vac or 110/220 Vac
  • Relay output with 1 pole changeover from 5A to 220 Vac.
  • Led incorporated
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Selector of min/max level
  • SC series with power supply-amplifier incorporated within probe
  • SCD series with power supply-amplifier separated from probe
  • SX2 type with power supply-amplifier in plastic body
  • Bar electrodes of teflon in standard lengths of 300/500/800 mm
  • Plastified cable electrodes in standard lengths of 1/2/3/4
  • metres
  • Housing in aluminium alloy with threaded fitting 1.1/2 inch GAS

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Veeder-Root Electronic Landmeter: Model RT1100–000. One Model For Any Tire Ever Made… Or Ever Will Be Made! Truck-Axle Tough with Digital-Data Accurate. The Rite-Trak gives you all of the benefits that matter ….. Here are just a few:

Drop your Inventory:
• Replace your bloated inventory with just one standard unit to handle all of your machine sizes. Simply program in the number of revolutions per acre/hectare.
• Digital electronic circuitry allows rapid and easy configuration anywhere, without need for a specialized programming instrument. You can count on its single, standard model for a perfect match to virtually any machine.

Error Free Display:
• Large, high-contrast display always remains in upright position providing
easy, reliable and highly accurate data collection.

Extended Record Keeping:
• Separate Trip and Lifetime totals permit specialized record keeping
• Rite-Trak’s setup features include capturing distance data as acres or

Secure, Reliable Operation:
• 5-Year Warranty – no acre/hectare limitation.
• Security features include serial number viewing via the display as
well as tamperproof setup scheme.
• Only one moving part for increased reliability.

Display: LCD, 7 digits,
0.45” high (11.43mm)
Housing: Zinc, diecast
Programming: Simple procedure using only the tool included with the Landmeter.

Hubodometers: Still available, the Original Model: 7777 Mechanical Hudodometer. Including the NEW Electronic Hubodometer: Model RT1000-000, ONE MODEL SUITS ALL TIRE SIZES EVER MADE!

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Novotechnik-Transducers for the Heavy-Duty Segment

Rugged, Reliable and, if necessary, also Redundant.

Precision Rotary Transducers for the Heavy-Duty Segment. Automation technology is also used in harsh environmental conditions.

Typical examples can be found in driven machines in road construction and in agriculture and forestry, on moving platforms, in container terminals and in harbour cranes.

The sensors used here must meet special requirements. Sufficient accuracy alone is not enough. A high level of reliability must be ensured even with heavy vibrations, moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations. And the understandable desire for “affordable” technology also plays a role here.

Conductive plastic potentiometers available today in surprisingly rugged designs are therefore usually unbeatable in applications of this kind. With the conductive plastic potentiometers of the IPX 7900 series (picture), Novotechnik has expanded its product line with rugged rotary transducers specially developed for use under extreme environmental conditions, e.g. for mobile applications. A typical application is, for example, actual value detection on the steered axle of electrohydraulic steering systems

The heavy-duty potentiometers are available for detection ranges of 120°, 200° and 350° and offer unrestricted continuous rotation. All variants have either a single-channel or a two-channel, redundant design with two separate connections. As a result, the requirements as per SIL 3 are met in accordance with
IEC 61508.
The angle sensors also meet the requirements of the protection type IP67 (plug variant M12) or IP69k (PG screwed cable gland with cable connection). They are impervious to dust, dirt or moisture. As potentiometers operate according to the Rugged, Reliable and, if necessary, also Redundant Precision Rotary Transducers for the Heavy-Duty Segment
voltage divider principle, temperature fluctuations also have no effect on the measuring accuracy.

Even with heavy vibrations, the expected service life of the rotary sensors is
over 100 million movements. A rugged all-metal housing and a positive-locking cover
protect the conductive plastic resistance tip and the extremely durable multi-finger
wiper. The solid yet compact design with dimensions of 79 x 35 mm² enables direct
attachment to the axle without additional protective measures. The sturdy, one-piece
shaft with dual ball-bearing mounting with a large bearing spacing and a 13 mm diameter
enables direct steering via a strong lever or driver.

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