Terms & Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF TRADE:  The consideration of all sales/supply contracts (Terms & Conditions of Trade, acknowledgment, hereafter called the “Contracts”) entered into hereafter with Veederline.

1) acknowledges Veederline trading terms of paying all amount due under the contracts, within thirty (30) days of the end of the calendar month in which the Contracts were executed; and

2) agree to comply in all respects, with the provisions of the contracts and in particular, without limitation, usual trading terms.

Agreement to Veederline seeking from or giving to other credit providers details about my/our credit worthiness (Section 18N(1) (b) Privacy Act – 1998).

I/We agree that Veederline may give to and seek from any credit providers named in this credit application and any credit providers that may be named in a credit report issued by a credit reporting agency, information about my/our credit worthiness, credit standing, credit history or credit capacity that credit providers are allowed to give or receive from each other under the Privacy Act.

I/We understand the information we collect may be used for the following purposes:

– to assess an application by me/us for credit

– to notify other credit providers of a default by me/us.

– to exchange information with other credit providers as to the status of this loan where I/we are in default.

– to assess my/our credit worthiness.

He/she who warrants that he/she has all requisite authority and that the current document as completed and all the information supplied about the customer to Veederline in connection with the application is true and correct and that there is no known reason to suspect the company is or may become insolvent.

All orders must be single release to single destination and, unless otherwise instructed, partial shipments will be made. Freight and handling will be added to each shipment. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

On any item that is considered a non-stock or special order, a minimum order quantity or special handling charge or other conditions stipulated by Veederline or our supplier may be applied. Special order items with these terms and conditions may be subject to a restricted return policy.

All international orders are shipped freight collect. Unless carrier is specified, a freight company of Veederline’s choice will ship all orders (usually UPS).

Veederline assumes no liability for damage or loss of shipment. Merchandise shipped is carefully packed or pre-packaged by our suppliers in compliance with carrier requirements. The customer must make claims for loss or damage in transit with the carrier. All shipments should be unpacked and inspected immediately upon receipt. If damage does not become apparent until shipment is unpacked, customer must make a request for inspection by the carrier’s agent and file with the carrier. Any External evidence of loss or damage must be noted on the freight bill or carrier’s receipt and signed by the carrier’s agent. Failure to do this could result in the carrier’s refusal to honor claim.

A. Export orders are accepted on the basis of payment in advance by company Bank EFT, international money order or Letter of Credit.

B. Letters of Credit: payment may be made by irrevocable confirmed L/C provided that the total invoice value of the order is more than AUD $5,000.00. L/C must be valid for a period of at least 150 days.

C. Presentation of documents.

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR VEEDERLINE REPRESENTATIVE PRIOR TO RETURNING ANY ITEM IN ORDER TO OBTAIN A RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER (RMA). Any material returned without prior approval will be refused and sent back at sender’s expense. ALL RETURNS FOR CREDIT ARE SUBJECT TO A MINIMUM 15% RE-STOCKING CHARGE OR $50.00, WHICHEVER IS GREATER. Return of non-stock or special purchase items are subject to the manufacturers acceptance. ALL MATERIAL RETURNS MUST BE SHIPPED PREPAID.

Veederline, the seller of the products described, believes that technical information; specifications, test results, and recommendations herein are correct but do not guarantee their accuracy or completeness. Veederline warrants that their manufactured product will be free of defects in material and workmanship, for a period of one(1) years from the date of its original purchase. The warranty will not apply, if it is shown that the defect or malfunction was caused by not following manufacturers recommended periodic calibration procedures and/or damage which occurred while the product was in the possession of the consumer, such as: abnormal use, misapplication, modified or improper installation. This warranty only applies to Veederline supplied NEW product. Veederline reserves the right to refuse any warranty claim with just cause. Veederline will provide repaired or replacement material at its discretion. Since Veederline does not control the use of its products, there are no express warranties that extend beyond the description contained herein. Veederline disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or of fitness for any particular purpose. On distribution products, Veederline is only acting as a distributor of products manufactured by other companies, Veederline expressly limits its liabilities to any guarantees extended by the manufacturer, which Veederline will pass through to the customer. No warranty will apply if the products are in any way altered or modified after delivery. Since Veederline cannot control the manner of use of the products after their sale, Veederline will not be responsible for any consequential damages. Terms of Buyer’s or User’s purchase order shall not supersede this disclaimer and no warranty, expressed or implied, other than stated herein shall be effective unless contained in an agreement signed by an officer of Veederline.

This Agreement is made, executed and delivered in Adelaide, South Australia, and any controversy arising hereunder or in relation to this Agreement shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the domestic laws of the Sate of South Australia, Australia. The parties hereto hereby agree that the application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods to this Agreement does not apply and is strictly excluded.

Anything to the contrary not withstanding, the seller shall not be liable for any consequential, contingent or incidental damages whatsoever.

The seller reserves the right to substitute materials used in construction of equipment sold, provided said substitution does not modify the operational characteristics of the equipment sold.