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Tekel Bicoder

The Bicoder® are an encoder family with a monolithic structure equipped with two discs, two electronics, two reading systems completely different from each other, operating on the same shaft.

The bicoders can be either incremental or incremental/absolute.

Incremental Bicoder®
They are manufactured with two incremental discs with a number of lines different or equal to each other.
The resolution can be between from 2 to 9000 square-wave pulses per revolution on unidirectional, bidirectional version with or without absolute zero index.
Size and body dimensions are those typical models such as:
TK50 (F, SG, FRE) and  TK60H


  • Interface with limited counting frequency

It can be manufactured with a low resolution disc (for example 500 ppr) for fast displacement and with a high resolution disc (for example 5000 ppr) used for reaching, with low displacement, the tooling point.

  • Tachometric calculation + displacement control of an axis

A disc and its respective electronic will be dedicated to the control of the motor speed and the second disc and its respective electronic will be used as counting steps of an axis positioning.

  • Displacement control of two axis

Spindle rotation control + rotation control of a table
It is a typical application with a disc of 1024 steps per revolution for the control of the spindle and a second disc with a final resolution of 36.000-(9.000×4) ppr (equal to 1/100 of mechanical degree).

  • Incremental – Absolute Bicoder®

They are manufactured with an incremental disc and an absolute disc assembled on the same rotative shaft. The incremental disc can be chosen from 2 to 9,000 square-wave signals per revolution. The coded GRAY disc can have a resolution of up to 10 bit per revolution (1024 step per turn max).

The available resolutions for the absolute discs are:

  • 180-360-720
  • 64-128-256-512-1024
  • 500-1000

Incremental section:
The selection and  the characteristics will be those of the incremental encoders TK50 (F, SG, FRE) and TK60H series.

Absolute section:
The output code may be chosen from GRAY  BINARY  BCD and the related electronics will be those normally available for the absolute encoders TKC 50 and TKC 60H series.
Available electronics: NPN, PNP, Push-pull, Analogue interface and optional function: Up/down – Strobe – Parity (Even and Odd) – Zero point – Zero point intermediate (pre-signal).

For the analytic characteristics, please refer to the technical detailed specification of the chosen model shown on our single-turn absolute encoders TKC series catalogue.

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