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Dynapar S428A Digital Process Meter

The Dynapar S428A  is a new digital panel indicator providing a high contrast, high visibility display, designed for optimal ease of use in a wide variety of process measurement applications.

The S428A is fast, accurate and easy to read with a jumper-less configuration, plug in output boards and quick and easy setup.

The new generation S428A further provides a new user-selectable dual colour display option with fixed red or green displays or a green to red colour change when an alarm condition occurs.

In addition, plug-in modules allow PV retransmission or transmitter power supply and up to 5 alarm relays (latching or non-latching).

The S428A indicator is affordable, full featured, easy to use and compact with performance features that work for you to make temperature and process display simple.

The S428A digital indicator like its predecessor, the S428, remains an easy to use low cost solution for process display applications including temperature, pressure and force providing good visibility and high accuracy all within an affordable and ultra compact housing.

Application / function:
The Dynapar S428A digital indicator like its predecessor, the S428, remains an easy-to-use, low cost solution for indication and display within industrial process and temperature measurement applications providing high visibility and good accuracy in a compact size.


  • Industrial and lab ovens/furnaces
  • Plastics and thermal forming
  • Packaging applications
  • And any other display of pressure, force, temperature or other process measurement especially where an out-of-range alarm condition is a requirement

Differentiate features:

  • New S428A is a highly improved direct replacement for previous S428 models
  • New 10V SSR driver output allows drive of up to
  • 3 typical SSR/SCR inputs
  • New plug-in output modules for SSR driver, Triac, relay and linear outputs easily field changeable
  • New latching alarms included as standard
  • New Jumperless configuration with self-recognition of option boards promotes simple, error free set-up
  • New multi-point scaling and tare features included as standard

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