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Hyde Park CT1000 Series

Ultrasonic Counting Sensors SUPERPROX®

CT1000 Series Counting Sensors. These are able to count separated, staggered, back-to-back, irregular shaped, and “patterned” bottles with a high degree of accuracy. They operate in the harshest environments.

Now there’s accurate counting of containers over a wide range of sizes, even in the presence of “dither” or jiggling back and forth.

Accurate counting of containers on single-file conveying systems has challenged the container manufacturing, food processing and packaging, beer/beverage, and pharmaceutical industries for many years. The Model CT1000A series is an ultrasonic sensor designed especially for achieving accurate container counting.

The Model CT1000A ultrasonic counting sensor counts separated containers as well as those moving back-to-back at line speeds up to 2000 containers per minute. The accuracy is maintained in the presence of line stoppages, reversals, and container jiggling in front of the sensor. The sensor provides a setting for large versus small container sizes, and regular versus irregular container shapes.

The Model CT1000A sensor is capable of counting various size containers with a single setting of the sensor as long as the proper spacing between the rails and containers is maintained and the distance from the sensor to the containers is not changed.

This Feature eliminates the need to stop the conveyor line and readjust the sensor each time there is a change in the container size or material.

Made of tough ULTEM®, the sensor measures 139.7 mm (5.50″) long x 66.5 mm (2.62″) wide x 78.7 mm (3.10″) high. With protection ratings of IP67 and NEMA 4X (indoor use only), the sensor resists most acids and bases, including most food products. It is sealed to withstand dusty, noisy, non-condensing-humidity, high-pressure, wash-down environments typically associated with beverage-filling operations. The transducer face of the sensor is made of silicone rubber.






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