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Line Seiki-Communication Preset Counter

The G20 Series:  is a DIN 72 x 144 preset counter + tachometer with communication capability.  This counter is fully programmable and can handle complex manufacturing processes including multi-step operations such as batching, cut to length, packaging,  etc.  Up to 4 preset levels, batch output, pre-warn output combinations is possible.  The G20 series has a dual line 6 digits LED display.  The upper line display is a RED LED, 14.22 x 7.8mm figure size that displays Count values (preset, batch, total) and Tachometer.  The lower line display is a GREEN LED, 10.0 x 5.5mm figure size that displays the Preset values.

The G20 series is powered by AC100~240V and an external power supply of DC12V is available for sensors.  This counter can accept Contact, Open Collector or DC Voltage input signals and count modes includes Add, Subtract, Add/Subtract and Quadrature (bidirectional) and count speed is selectable from 30Hz ~ 8kHZ.  The unit has a built-in output relay which actuates when preset values are reached.  NPN Open Collector output is also available.  Operation modes and Output modes are also programmable to suit any complex process.  Reset can be done via the front reset button or remotely.

The front panel has a 10-key button for easy programming and operation and it is dust-proof and splash-proof.  Other programmable features are Pre-scale, Decimal Point Position, Free Write and Key Protect.  The G20 Series also has a built in EEPROM memory for count value and settings retention even during sudden power loss.  This counter uses a RS484 Serial interface for data communication.  Wiring connections are secured thru the terminal screw connection.

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