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OPKON – Linear & Rotary Potentiometer

OPKON Optic Electronic Ltd. established in 1993 in Istanbul / Turkey by Electronic Engineer Mustafa Kenan Ozeren.

Company philosophy is developing, designing and manufacturing electronic sensors and devices, with European quality, and distribute all over the world.
OPKON Ltd. has all R&D and manufacturing facilities in Istanbul, which has 2500 sq meter production area, 60 technicians and engineers with many years experience. Company is certified with ISO 9001-2008 – ISO 10002-2004

OPKON Production Portfolio :
– Linear Potentiometer
– Standard Series
– Electronic Conditioner Curcuit ( 0-10V,0-20mA,4-20mA) Series
– Slim Body Series
– Ultra Slim Body Series
– Draw Wire Potentiometer
– Contactless Magnetostrictive Position Sensor
– Optic Rotary Incremental Encoder
– Magnetic Rotary Incremental / Absolute Encoder
– Draw Wire Encoder
– Voltage Output, Absolute Encoder
– Magnetic Reader Head, Magnetic Tape
– Press Brake Scale
– Panel Type Measurement And Control Equipment

OPKON production portfolio covers very wide range of industry, such as;
– Plastic / Metal Injection Moulding
– Textile
– Marble / Stone
– Packaging
– Printing
– Wood Processing
– Press Brakes
– Roll Bending
– Metal Cutting / Forming
– Elevator
– Profile and Metal Processing
– Cranes / Lift
– Hydraulic Press
– Medical
– General Automation Applications

OPKON has sales network in 6 continents with 28 countries official distributors.

Company exports to Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherland, Greece, Bulgaria and other European community countries, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Middle east countries, India, China, Korea, Taiwan, Australia and others.

General 2021 Opkon Catalogue – Linear

General 2021 Opkon Catalogue – Rotary

OPKON Models – kOhm Resistance Chart