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Which body parts are we attaching computers to?

Which body parts are we attaching computers to? It’s no surprise that “lifestyle” is the biggest category—just about every wearable could be categorized as such. And no surprise, either, that fitness and medical uses take second and third place. But look out Industrial, applications are on the increase. And the one device classified as “industrial” (meaning […]

Daz & Baz

Back by popular demand.  A Cane Toads View of Life! Storyline This is the story of a toad named Baz, who has suddenly, for no good reason which is apparent, disappears. As Baz is gone, the story of the theories put forth to his possible plight is told by his friend Daz, whose “mates call […]

Adelaide Breathe

That’s the tagline of the newest advertisement spruiking South Australia to the world. The SA Tourism Commission this morning launched an advertisement showcasing the state’s capital, set to a cover of INXS’ Never Tear Us Apart. The edgy film clip follows the travels of an astronaut character through the city and nearby regions including McLaren […]

Iron 5 for 55

Kevin pointing to his tattoo, racing for Cancer Council in Melbourne 2013 Iron 5 for 55 – A unique endeavour by Ironman Kevin Fergusson to raise $55,000 for Cancer Research. Iron 5 for 55 is a fundraising mission by Ironman triathlete, Kevin Fergusson, to raise $55,000 for cancer research.  Kevin aims to do this by competing in […]