ATS Series with Digital Display Setpoint

  ATS Series AC Current Sensors combine a current operated switch and transducer into a single package. The FL model features a digital display that gives visual indication of the setpoint for greater accuracy. The sensor provides a solid- state contact which will change state when the current exceeds an

Beer swilling smoker to Ironman star !!!

Kevin Fergusson goes from beer-swilling smoker to Ironman star.     Reece Homfray:    SA Weekend insert,  Mar 21, 2014 10:00pm The number “Five”  has not been kind to Kevin Fergusson. His mother, Joy, lost her battle with cancer on January 5, 2006, and his father George was 55 when

He is on a mission and he needs our help to achieve it!

He is on a mission and he needs our help to achieve it! Xterra Australia – Wetsuits & Boards sponsored age group Athlete, Kevin Fergusson, in racing 5 consecutive Ironman events this year and raising money for cancer research. He is on a mission and he needs our help to achieve

Which body parts are we attaching computers to?

Which body parts are we attaching computers to? It’s no surprise that “lifestyle” is the biggest category—just about every wearable could be categorized as such. And no surprise, either, that fitness and medical uses take second and third place. But look out Industrial, applications are on the increase. And the one

Clare Valley – ‘Fall in Love’?

Clare Valley in South Australia is one of those magical romantic getaways. This advertisement, ‘Fall in love”, follows a couple, in their 30s, who are drawn together by a weekend in the Clare Valley. The story features the region’s famous Riesling Trail, the Mintaro Maze, the Rising Sun Hotel in

Let Yourself Go – Kangaroo Island

Let Yourself Go – Kangaroo Island Let Yourself Go – Kangaroo Island. With dramatic cliffs and pristine, secluded beaches, Kangaroo Island is a natural wonder without peer. It is a sanctuary for wildlife and a haven for frazzled souls.? Nestled just a few minutes off the coast and a million miles

Daz & Baz

Back by popular demand.  A Cane Toads View of Life! Storyline This is the story of a toad named Baz, who has suddenly, for no good reason which is apparent, disappears. As Baz is gone, the story of the theories put forth to his possible plight is told by his

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