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Keyence-KV 1000 PLC

Fastest in Its Class
Performance and User-Friendliness Accelerate Control

Installed with “KV-VELOCE”, the engine dedicated for ladder execution
“KV-VELOCE”, an engine dedicated for full 32-bit ladder execution, has been newly developed. Dual execution of “KV-VELOCE” and “32-bit RISC CPU” enables a ladder program of 30 k steps to be executed in 1 ms. This has achieved unprecedented high-speed processing such as a PCMIX value of 24.2, LD 25 ns, OUT 25 ns, and a minimum scan time of 80 µs. Also, even if many arithmetic instructions are used, the arithmetic operation speed rarely decreases because KV-VELOCE employs internal full 32-bit processing. In addition, in KV-VELOCE, the speed of complicated arithmetic processing stands out even further.

* VELOCE means “fast” in Italian.

Mechanism of high-speed processing
The 32-bit RSIC CPU is responsible for information system processing, and the KV-VELOCE is responsible for ladder decoding and execution. KV-VELOCE employs pipeline and Harvard architecture* to drastically improve instruction execution efficiency. In addition, building a Floating point number Processing Unit (FPU) into KV-VELOCE enables KV-VELOCE to exercise overwhelming computing power.
* Harvard architecture refers to a structure where instructions and data are stored in separate memories.

Advanced Software
Support of split programming method
The KV-1000 employs a modularized structure (structured ladder) in which ladders can be split and designed in modules. It also employs a local device to provide more flexible program design. Flexible program design enables effective use of ladder resources.

Original instruction words can be created freely.
The KV-1000 comes with the macro function that enables you to freely create original instruction words. With this function, you can handle a program as one instruction word.

Dual Language programming support
The KV-1000 enables you to create a program in “ladder + script” dual language. You can write complicated arithmetic expressions as they are in script language. This makes programming more efficient.

Multi-Function and Large-Capacity
CPU unit full of special functions
The CPU unit itself incorporates 24 I/Os and special unit functions. It can also serve as an application controller alone.

SD memory card support (industry’s first support)
The KV-1000 comes equipped with a memory card slot (SD/MMC) as standard (equipment). This card supports batch change of programs and logging of a large quantity of data.

Large-capacity 160 k steps
The KV-1000 has adopted SDRAM to achieve sufficient memory capacity (industry’s first adoption). You do not need to consider program capacity, even with large-scale control.

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