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Rishabh-Passive Signal Isolator

RISH Ducer TI 816 (Single Channel Passive isolator)

The DC signal isolator serves to electrically isolate the analog DC signal in the range from 0(4)-20mA which depending on version is then converted to a current signal 0(4)-20mA or voltage signal 0(2)-10V It does not require a separate power supply, but derives the little auxiliary power it needs from the DC signal..


  • Electrically isolated analog DC signals 0-20mA- prevents the transfer of interference voltages and currents. Solves grounding problems in meshed signal networks.
  • No separate power supply needed/saves wiring costs and is easy to install in existing plants.
  • Snaps onto a DIN rail or screws onto a wall or panel – easily adaptable to the mounting facility at the place of installation
  • Insulation Level 3.7kV
  • Small and Compact: makes best use of available space.
  • Input: 0-20ma, Output: 0-20ma or 0-10vdc
  • Number of Input/Outputs: 1 x Input, 1 x Output

Block Diagram:

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