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KZ SERIES – Non-resettable Micro-mechanical Counter.

KZ Series has a body of the smallest among LINE SEIKI counters: 20 mm drum-shaped housing. This non-resettable 5-digit totalizer can cater to various applications, such as Circuit Breakers, Switchgear, Gaming Machines, and many more.

When the space for mounting is extremely limited, KZ Series will be your ideal partner for counting as it fits anywhere thanks to its micro-miniature structure.

From 3 types, you can select the most appropriate actuation method for your own application:

Revolution, Direct Drive and Ratchet.

Count Type:
Revolution Counter
Adds 1 count for every complete revolution of the shaft. Count Speed: 1000 revolutions / minute

Direct Drive Counter
Adds 10 counts for every complete revolution (1 count / 1/10 shaft revolution) of the shaft. Count Speed: 100 revolutions / minute

Ratchet Counter
Adds 1 count for each 40 – 45° actuation of lever. Count Speed: 500 counts / minute


Data Sheet – KZ Series