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Tiefenbach Magnet Switches


Tiefenbach – Extra Heavy Duty Magnet Switches, for Industrial, Mining & Off-shore industries, available in Weatherproof or Intrinsic Safe applications, in Monostable or Bistable.


Magnetic switch monostable:
Type: proof
iK177L11… for intrinsically safe equipment

Magnetic switch bistable:
Type: proof
iK177L21… for intrinsically safe equipment

  • Contact less activation by permanent magnets
  • Maintenance-free
  • High switching capacity
  • Large temperature range
  • Any installation position
  • High responsiveness up to max. 30 m/s
  • Long service life – 10 to the 9 switching cycles
  • Almost instantaneous
  • With connection cable 2 m, 5 m, 10 m or 20 m


The switches are employed as magnet-sensitive contact less bistable limit switches.

Design and mode of operation:
The magnetic switch consists of two dry-reed contacts embedded in cast resin and mounted in a corrosion-resistant brass casing. By the motion of a magnet, the contact and thus the circuit can be made or broken. When the contact is made, the magnetic field increases by the squared power as the air gap between the contact studs decreases and the contact closes abruptly. The contact switches almost instantaneously owing to the very small distance between the contact studs and to their low mass.

Bistable switches wK177L21….
The contact is magnetically locked in its respective position by means of two magnetic clamps. As the switching magnet is more powerful, the switch is set when the magnet moves over and is set back when the magnet returns.

Monostable switches wK177L11….
With this switch design, the switch remains activated for as long as it is influenced by the magnetic field. The switch returns to neutral position when the magnet is removed.

Permanent & Electro-Magnetic Actuators:

Encased in Red Brass – North OR South pole.

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