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Fresh-baked tweets for your posts

Here at Twitter Media, we want to experiment in exactly the same way we’re encouraging you to experiment. We want to implement the things we’re recommending that you implement. And we want to share tools that we develop—even when they’re quite simple.

So, we decided to take the janky script we’ve been using to generate static HTML tweets for posts (like the one you see here), polish it up a bit, and make it public. And if tweets really are the new quotes, this should come in handy: Blackbird Pie.

The origin of the script is both self- and user-centered. Mostly, we just think it’s a pain to take screen grabs of tweets. But of course we also think it’s a much better user experience to have @-mentions, hashtags and the account itself all linked and clickable.

We’ve only used this on Twitter Media, so we’d love to hear how it works—or doesn’t—on other platforms, and in the context of other designs. Try it out; bookmark it. And of course, hit us up at @twittermedia if you have any suggestions or run into any bugs.!/Veederline/status/75837603693334528

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