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Novotechnik-Transducers for the Heavy-Duty Segment

Rugged, Reliable and, if necessary, also Redundant.

Precision Rotary Transducers for the Heavy-Duty Segment. Automation technology is also used in harsh environmental conditions.

Typical examples can be found in driven machines in road construction and in agriculture and forestry, on moving platforms, in container terminals and in harbour cranes.

The sensors used here must meet special requirements. Sufficient accuracy alone is not enough. A high level of reliability must be ensured even with heavy vibrations, moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations. And the understandable desire for “affordable” technology also plays a role here.

Conductive plastic potentiometers available today in surprisingly rugged designs are therefore usually unbeatable in applications of this kind. With the conductive plastic potentiometers of the IPX 7900 series (picture), Novotechnik has expanded its product line with rugged rotary transducers specially developed for use under extreme environmental conditions, e.g. for mobile applications. A typical application is, for example, actual value detection on the steered axle of electrohydraulic steering systems

The heavy-duty potentiometers are available for detection ranges of 120°, 200° and 350° and offer unrestricted continuous rotation. All variants have either a single-channel or a two-channel, redundant design with two separate connections. As a result, the requirements as per SIL 3 are met in accordance with
IEC 61508.
The angle sensors also meet the requirements of the protection type IP67 (plug variant M12) or IP69k (PG screwed cable gland with cable connection). They are impervious to dust, dirt or moisture. As potentiometers operate according to the Rugged, Reliable and, if necessary, also Redundant Precision Rotary Transducers for the Heavy-Duty Segment
voltage divider principle, temperature fluctuations also have no effect on the measuring accuracy.

Even with heavy vibrations, the expected service life of the rotary sensors is
over 100 million movements. A rugged all-metal housing and a positive-locking cover
protect the conductive plastic resistance tip and the extremely durable multi-finger
wiper. The solid yet compact design with dimensions of 79 x 35 mm² enables direct
attachment to the axle without additional protective measures. The sturdy, one-piece
shaft with dual ball-bearing mounting with a large bearing spacing and a 13 mm diameter
enables direct steering via a strong lever or driver.

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