OPKON Limited develops, manufactures and globally markets industrial position/ angle measurement sensors, position, temperature, weight, measuring and controlling equipments.

Since its foundation in 1993, OPKON has kept a main principle: offering up-to-date technological products with cost-effective prices and fast lead-times.

OPKON’s core product has traditionally been Resistive Linear Position Transducers. These position sensors are commonly applied in plastic injection machinery, textile machines, transfer and hydraulic, metal forming machines and general automation applications. In the recent years, OPKON has started production of rotary magnetic encoders and linear magnetic incremental sensors, and Wire Draw Potentiometers & Encoders.

OPKON’s product range is categorized as below.

  • Automation Products:
  • Resistive linear positions transducers (30 to 1250mm)
  • Rotary absolute/ incremental encoders (magnetic)
  • Linear incremental magnetic sensors (up to 20m)
  • Panel type temperature, weight, position controllers.
  • Panel type universal counters.
  • Panel type displays equipments.
  • Plastic Injection Products
  • Hot Runner Nozzles
  • Hot Runner Manifolds
  • Hot Runner Temperature Controller Modules

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