Ultra Low Current Operated Switch

Current Sensing Switches   

AS0 Series low-current sensing switches are specialised current operated switches that combine an ultra-sensitive current transformer and signal conditioning electronics into a single package for sensing AC current from 3–350mA. Useful for signal or lamp status monitoring, detecting minute fault currents or fan proving, the AS0 Series current sensing switches feature solid-state outputs and jumper-selectable ranges, which make it a versatile choice for low-current status indication applications.

Wide Range of Output Options

  • Dependable, solid state switch N.O. or N.C.  contacts rated at 240VAC or 30VDC
  • Compatible with most automation controllers

Isolated Inputs and Outputs

  • Inductive sensing eliminates insertion loads on monitored circuits, effectively isolating it from the unit
  • Isolated outputs simplify wiring and enhance safety

Adjustable Set-points

  • Set-points are field adjustable from 3mA to 350mA, speeding installation and allowing for tailored applications

Data Sheet ASO Series 


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