High Temperature Capicitive Sensors


General Details:

The high temperature sensors should be considered as part of the traditional
range of sensors with the difference that electronic portion is completely separate
from the sensing part which is in the form of an extension and can withstand temperature up to 250°C.

These products are used to control the levels of hot materials such as liquids,
oil, powder and plastic granules.
They also sense solid metallic and non-metallic bodies positioned in areas of
high temperature.

The connecting cable between the sensor and the amplifier must be of standard
length (2M or 5M). It is not capacitive, it resists to temperatures from -
200 to +250°C it is connected to the sensor and it is provided with a screened
connector for connection to the amplifier.

The amplifier is supplied in two different types, model ALSC-1CH which is suitable
for one sensor and model ALSC-2CH which is suitable for two sensors, the
model ALSC-1CH can be supplied with delayed sensing.
The sensors can be supplied in the following formats M18x1 and M30x1.5
made of stainless steel and PTFE.

Technical Charateristics:  SC18M-HT / SC30M-HT

  • Housing and fixing nuts in stainless steel AISI 303.
  • Sensible part in PTFE.
  • Cable length 2 m or 5 m.
  • Plug connector for wiring to the amplifiers.
  • Min./max. temperature range: -200 ÷ +250°C.
  • Switching distance (Sn) type SC18M-HT: 5 mm.
  • Switching distance (Sn) type SC30M-HT: 15 mm.
  • Degree of protection: IP68.


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